16, rip momma <3 dreamer since day one, give 0 fucks what people have to say about you, be yourself no matter what(: been in for over a year , 102612 till the day i dieee <3 happy. hyper. crazy. outgoing. BACON.
if you don't like nutellla or teen wolf, well, die. :*

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Olaf as Disney Villains!!!!!!!

This is beautiful!!

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Sometimes, I just want to sit outside with someone and talk all night.

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She drinks vodka because she wants her mind to be foreign to the thought of him. But when her blood is corrupted with alcohol she only mentions his name. I told her “love is unescapable.”

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I won’t ever stop loving you.
Daniel Radcliffe:I had a crush on Emma Watson
Rupert Grint:I had a crush on Emma Watson
Matt Lewis:I had a crush on Emma Watson
Everyone:I had a crush on Emma Watson
Emma Watson:I had a crush on Tom Felton.
Tom Felton:I had a crush on Helena Bonham Carter
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